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Copy Editor

Having your Web content checked by a copy editor can mean the difference between a site that merely looks good and one that is professional down to the last detail.

Error-free text makes a good impression.

Your writing ability doesn’t really have anything to do with the quality of the product or service you are showcasing in your Web site. But customers judge businesses by the first impression they make, and businesses lose credibility fast when readers are distracted by careless mistakes.

A brochure promoting a real estate service reads, “Find you’re dream homeā€¦Its as easy as stepping in our office.” Sloppy. A family restaurant boasts a “Kids-Free Play Area.” Confusing!

But it’s not just about errors in punctuation and grammar. A copy editor improves the overall quality of communication, ensuring that your message is non-ambiguous, easy to understand, and free of bias.

Editing not only improves text that is poorly worded or confusing, it also saves money. Imagine getting 2000 flyers back from the printer that promotes you as a “Professional Dog Traner.” Or 500 business cards that have your Web address ending with .com instead of .ca

Your focus is on running your business. Let an editor sweat the small stuff.

If you decide to have your Web content edited, Mosaic Internet Designs contracts to Word Works, a Prince George editing and writing business owned by Kerstin Peterson, D.E.A. Mosaic Internet Designs is committed to using Word Works’ services due to their quality of work and continuing commitment to excellence. Please visit Word Works’ Web site at www.word-works.ca.

You can start with ideas for your text in note form, and Word Works can turn them into polished copy. Or write the copy yourself, and use Word Works to proofread the finished pages. Either way, we take care of all the details, providing you with a finished Web site that is impeccable on every level, from the design to the technical functioning to the text content.

Here is an example of our copy editing work. We had to edit the content of a site that features articles about wildlife in Toronto. The project was to edit the contents of 2sstudio.net. The site is about wildlife in the city. While we didnt know much about the topic our writers had to educate themselvs about urban wildlife like raccoons, squirrels, skunks and birds.