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What Design You Need for a Small Hotels and Travel Blog

travel_blogWhat design you need for a small blog about hotels and travel many small hotels and travel agencies would love to have more business. It is a given when you get into general talk about progress within the industry that this topic will come up. Now direct sales will bring a much higher margin when itcomes to the bottom line as opposed to reservations that come attached with third party distributors. This means that the company blog and website need to running optimally and regularly updated. The design aspect of your blog for your hotel or travel site is also more important that you may think. There is a good example of hotel blog justhotels.ca.

While search engines search for fresh and keyword rich content, surfers are looking for accurate, user friendly and easy to look at designs. The design will be the example that the potential customer has of your company. It will speak for everything from customer service to professionalism and more.The corporate blog is essential to the survival of your hotel or travel site, and the design is a huge aspect of it all (my favourite travel and hotel blog hotels.com).

The blog has to be the heart of your company to customer communications strategy. You want it to be inviting, welcoming, thorough, well linked, and while you are trying to draw in customers, you will also want to target those who are looking to book a stay or a trip.

Social media will bring awareness, but getting results for booking can be a challenge. Most truly creative efforts made towards direct marketing in a hotel will be approached by many consumers with a distrustful attitude. Even if you spend a ton of money on your company’s website, you still need a well-designed blog for authenticity, creditability and exposure. Without the blog your website just doesn’t mean much. You can simply start out with WordPress top test drive the idea there is a good example of the local hotel guide hotelsinoakville.ca. Blogger is another good site, and it is a much simpler platform with a user friendly interface. Intergrade that bloginto your marketing and website design.

Blogging Ideas and Themes

Start out by telling people of things in proximity to the hotel or the travel site perks. Let it become an extension in design of your agency or hotel. Make sure all of your content is original, and use good original images too.

The blog has to be an integrated part of the atmosphere and style. When people visit your blog they need to feel like they are visiting the business. It should be personalized, and at all costs the tourist approach has to be avoided.

Your design objectives are numerous. You have to think dynamics, search engine optimization, an authoritative blog and website, informative and originality and ultimately guest attraction and booking are the focus. If you have a travel site do not just write about tourist destinations, but make newsworthy updates. It has to be authentic, personal and unique. Highlight your staff, and add photos of them as well As time goes on your blog will gain speed, followers and inspiration. Follow other blogs, because believe it or not it helps. You may also draw inspiration from other sites like yours. Blogging will make your site an authority, and your rankings will continuously improve

On both Blogger and WordPress there are a number of themes that you can choose from, and some options for more personalized themes are also available for more advanced users. Most of the themes on these sites are free. You can easily add sliders and thumbnails in order to increase page views. It is also easy to change your theme for the holidays or upcoming events on these platforms.