Other Services

At Mosaic Internet Designs, we offer you a number of services that can be included as part of the development process or secured separately. Some of those services include:

Copy Editing and Writing Services

Having your Web content checked by a copy editor can mean the difference between a site that merely looks good and one that is professional down to the last detail. Error-free text makes a good impression. Click here for more information.

Site Renovations

Is your site looking a little tired? Are cobwebs beginning to form in the corners. Spruce it up with a site renovation. We will clean up your graphics, brighten the colors and polish the rims. Your site will come out the other end looking brand new (scratches and dents are extra!). If you are feeling brave, sign up for our Web Site Assessment today.

Scanning & Digitalization

Do you need some materials scanned and put onto a CD? Do you require the digitalization of a logo or graphic? These services are fast, affordable and convenient. Call us, we will come to you.

Photo Restoration

Our head project manager, Certified Internet Webmaster Tige Johnson, enjoys restoring photographs to near perfect original conditions. The work he does is simply amazing.

Seeing is believing. A gallery to showcase some of his work is under construction and set to be complete within two week’s time. If you have some photos that you would like to see restored, then contact ¬†at Mosaic Internet Designs.