At Mosaic Internet Designs, our web development is rooted in a sound methodology and compliance with web standards.

Put simpler: we know what works.

There are many ways that our company can serve as a consultant to your business. Please see the selections below:

Web Site Assessment

Essentially, we will go through your existing design with a fine toothed comb and present you with a comprehensive usability analysis based upon benchmark practices. We identify strong and weak points in your web strategy and present you with potential solutions. Some of what is checked is:

  • Search Engine Ranking
  • Meta-Data analysis
  • Code compliance
  • Browser compatibility
  • Usability analysis
  • Page load times

RFP Preparation

If you are unfamiliar with the capabilities of the World Wide Web, and have little to know experience with marketing a web site, preparing an RFP for web services can be a daunting task. A poorly constructed RFP will not net the responses, nor the level of service that you are seeking.

Allow a professional to craft this document for you. At Mosaic Internet Designs, we will sit down with you at length and identify your unique requirements:

  • Identification of web related market goals and milestones
  • Professional analysis of technological requirements
  • Identification of I required informational architecture
  • Preparation of a comprehensive web strategy
  • Development of the RFP

There is no requirement or obligation to use our services with the preparation of the RFP, and indeed if we feel that your needs would be better served by another development company, we will include our recommendations.

Contact Mosaic Internet Designs today for a free consultation.