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Importance of Custom Web Design for Small Business

UnknownWeb site design that is custom may be significant to get a company owner who does not understand anything about designing a web site, and isn’t comfortable with the internet. It is just like having a mortar and brick shop. It is very important to a small business like web site to appear professional, but to be produced through an web site design firm that is experienced.

Does the site need to project a professional picture, but nevertheless, it has to be optimized to locate it. Some company owners are reluctant to really have a web site since they believe it is likely to really cost a great deal, designed plus it is not in their budget. Affordable website design is not impossible to get a company on a small budget. You’ll possess a custom designed website that suits you, having a designer develop a web site for you personally. Another great reason to really have a web site custom designed to your company is the fact that web designers typically have a minumum of one individual on their team who is comfortable with SEO. You will not be successful if folks can not find your web site. An SEO specialist can optimize your web site so it will be within the major search engines, and also you will get higher ranks within the opposition.

You are working to get a big customer base of repeat business when you are in the startup stage of a company. It is usual for lots of web designers add new pages for your web site or to offer upgrades when they are needed by you, at no added price. This can help when your budget limited to handle it.

A few significant factors when having your company web site designed to remember, is that you simply just have a couple of seconds to create a great impression. Your website appear professional, and needs to have clean lines, appealing images. The info in your web page needs to be related for your organization. All of your pages’ look needs to not be inconsistent. It needs to not be difficult to browse, and all your pages needs to be obtained immediately.

What Design You Need for a Small Hotels and Travel Blog

travel_blogWhat design you need for a small blog about hotels and travel many small hotels and travel agencies would love to have more business. It is a given when you get into general talk about progress within the industry that this topic will come up. Now direct sales will bring a much higher margin when itcomes to the bottom line as opposed to reservations that come attached with third party distributors. This means that the company blog and website need to running optimally and regularly updated. The design aspect of your blog for your hotel or travel site is also more important that you may think. There is a good example of hotel blog

While search engines search for fresh and keyword rich content, surfers are looking for accurate, user friendly and easy to look at designs. The design will be the example that the potential customer has of your company. It will speak for everything from customer service to professionalism and more.The corporate blog is essential to the survival of your hotel or travel site, and the design is a huge aspect of it all (my favourite travel and hotel blog

The blog has to be the heart of your company to customer communications strategy. You want it to be inviting, welcoming, thorough, well linked, and while you are trying to draw in customers, you will also want to target those who are looking to book a stay or a trip.

Social media will bring awareness, but getting results for booking can be a challenge. Most truly creative efforts made towards direct marketing in a hotel will be approached by many consumers with a distrustful attitude. Even if you spend a ton of money on your company’s website, you still need a well-designed blog for authenticity, creditability and exposure. Without the blog your website just doesn’t mean much. You can simply start out with WordPress top test drive the idea there is a good example of the local hotel guide Blogger is another good site, and it is a much simpler platform with a user friendly interface. Intergrade that bloginto your marketing and website design.

Blogging Ideas and Themes

Start out by telling people of things in proximity to the hotel or the travel site perks. Let it become an extension in design of your agency or hotel. Make sure all of your content is original, and use good original images too.

The blog has to be an integrated part of the atmosphere and style. When people visit your blog they need to feel like they are visiting the business. It should be personalized, and at all costs the tourist approach has to be avoided.

Your design objectives are numerous. You have to think dynamics, search engine optimization, an authoritative blog and website, informative and originality and ultimately guest attraction and booking are the focus. If you have a travel site do not just write about tourist destinations, but make newsworthy updates. It has to be authentic, personal and unique. Highlight your staff, and add photos of them as well As time goes on your blog will gain speed, followers and inspiration. Follow other blogs, because believe it or not it helps. You may also draw inspiration from other sites like yours. Blogging will make your site an authority, and your rankings will continuously improve

On both Blogger and WordPress there are a number of themes that you can choose from, and some options for more personalized themes are also available for more advanced users. Most of the themes on these sites are free. You can easily add sliders and thumbnails in order to increase page views. It is also easy to change your theme for the holidays or upcoming events on these platforms.

Print & Media

It is good practice to ensure that your web presence correlates with your business marketing materials. Many small to medium sized businesses that commission the development of a web presence, will often also create:

  • Logos
  • Business card templates
  • Email templates
  • Letterheads and other stationary
  • Company and Product brochures
  • Promotional flyers
  • Cups, pens, magnets and other promotional give-aways
  • Vehicle decals
  • Yellowpages Advertisements
  • Store signage
  • Billboards and placards
  • Typesetting ( e.g. typesetting for wildlife blog )

Creating engaging marketing materials does not have to be a costly venture. I have helped many businesses develop each of the items mentioned above for a fair and reasonable price. I also assist in finding cost effective printing services.

But there is more to it than that…

I can not tell you how many times a business has come to me to develop some marketing materials and then send me a small GIF or JPG version of their logo that has been saved over and over and is now old and pixelated. The worst case scenario is when a business does not even have a file and sends over a scan of a letterhead and want to use that for the new design and marketing materials. Quite often, businesses have no idea what font was originally used to create their logo.

A graphic designer can help you create a control set of vector files that are used over and over again to create crisp, clean looking materials that can be made as large as necessary (as needed for truck decals and store signage) without losing resolution. These materials can be made accessible to the company and to printers via a password protected area off of the main web site.

I design and develop all of my marketing materials using industry standard software that every printer can use, and will provide a organized repository of these materials to you in multiple formats. This ensures that the colors used in the printing process match every time, the fonts are correct and that everything associated with your company has brand consistency.

Contact me today to learn more. I would be happy to meet you in person to talk about your project.


Web Development

There are many questions to consider when planning to hire a web developer to create your company’s web site:

Why do I need a web site?

What do I want the web site to do for our company? We have successfully developed wesbites for several local businesses. Recently we launched A site for a pest control company from Toronto. The challenge was to create a website that converts traffic to calls. We went with a simple website design fit for a pest control provider. The pest control service page features a writeup for all their services that include, ants, bed bugs, roaches and more.

So far the client is enjoying higher conversion rates and more business!

How much will the development cost? Are there any re-occurring costs? Continue reading

Copy Editor

Having your Web content checked by a copy editor can mean the difference between a site that merely looks good and one that is professional down to the last detail.

Error-free text makes a good impression.

Your writing ability doesn’t really have anything to do with the quality of the product or service you are showcasing in your Web site. But customers judge businesses by the first impression they make, and businesses lose credibility fast when readers are distracted by careless mistakes.

A brochure promoting a real estate service reads, “Find you’re dream home…Its as easy as stepping in our office.” Sloppy. A family restaurant boasts a “Kids-Free Play Area.” Confusing!

But it’s not just about errors in punctuation and grammar. A copy editor improves the overall quality of communication, ensuring that your message is non-ambiguous, easy to understand, and free of bias.

Editing not only improves text that is poorly worded or confusing, it also saves money. Imagine getting 2000 flyers back from the printer that promotes you as a “Professional Dog Traner.” Or 500 business cards that have your Web address ending with .com instead of .ca

Your focus is on running your business. Let an editor sweat the small stuff.

If you decide to have your Web content edited, Mosaic Internet Designs contracts to Word Works, a Prince George editing and writing business owned by Kerstin Peterson, D.E.A. Mosaic Internet Designs is committed to using Word Works’ services due to their quality of work and continuing commitment to excellence. Please visit Word Works’ Web site at

You can start with ideas for your text in note form, and Word Works can turn them into polished copy. Or write the copy yourself, and use Word Works to proofread the finished pages. Either way, we take care of all the details, providing you with a finished Web site that is impeccable on every level, from the design to the technical functioning to the text content.

Here is an example of our copy editing work. We had to edit the content of a site that features articles about wildlife in Toronto. The project was to edit the contents of The site is about wildlife in the city. While we didnt know much about the topic our writers had to educate themselvs about urban wildlife like raccoons, squirrels, skunks and birds.

Other Services

At Mosaic Internet Designs, we offer you a number of services that can be included as part of the development process or secured separately. Some of those services include:

Copy Editing and Writing Services

Having your Web content checked by a copy editor can mean the difference between a site that merely looks good and one that is professional down to the last detail. Error-free text makes a good impression. Click here for more information. Continue reading


One thing that can be said for certain in today’s market is that e-commerce is here to stay. Far from being a fad, online retailing continues to grow in popularity and accessibility.

Previously, only those companies that could afford the significant ticket price of taking their retail operations online could participate in this market. This is no longer the case. E-Commerce is now more accessible than ever before. Continue reading


Have a great looking web site

Sell your products or services online

Manage your own web content

Develop repeat relationships with your clients

Communicate up-to-date information

Harness the power of modern web technologies

Provide a secure user interface